Viking Line chose Maresan

The passenger shipping company Viking Line´s occupational health care of their Helsinki line seafarers is taken care by Maresan.

The Sea Personnel Manager Lena Marcus of Viking Line says co-operation has started as scheduled and gone smoothly. The “run-in” of the new service provider needs to be successful to ensure that the seafarers learn to trust the new healthcare professionals and get a positive sense of the new service.
– From the beginning, practical activities included, among others, ship nurses who are familiar with the ship’s personnel and the conditions for work. In addition, Maresan’s Occupational Health Nurse has conducted several ship visits together with our personnel representatives, Marcus explains about the early stages of co-operation.

Maresan’s service model, based on the central role of the Expertise Centre in assessing health care needs as well as digital service, is a new way of operating in the health care sector. Expertise Centre is a unit of healthcare professionals that is easily reached by the seafarers. They advise and refer clients to treatment, wherever or for any reason they are been contacted. The clients are able to contact their own doctor or nurse even from home or by mobile phone. The professionals of the Expertise centre also support the ship’s own medical care professionals. Viking Line management trusts in this way of operating.
– Seafarers live in many different locations and through this digital service system, we can offer occupational health care services with the healthcare professional that they know. We believe Maresan is the right partner for this. Hopefully other shipping companies choose Maresan as well. With this, we can compare the figures within the industry and work together to develop the best and most effective occupational health care system possible in our industry in Finland. It benefits all, industry, seafarers and the shipping companies.

Sea Personnel Officer Lena Marcus is pleased with shipping company´s new choice.
– We are served by professional and service-oriented Maresan healthcare professionals who are doing their utmost to serve their customers the best possible way. It shows in the everyday work, says Lena Marcus.

Abbreviated from original text / Seafarers´Pension Fund, Albatrossi Magazine 4/2018 / Text Marina Paulaharju