Terveyspoukama unites four operators – Maresan is on board

Terveyspoukama unites four national healthcare operators who work together in close cooperation. The first phase to develop Maresan’s, a medical service provider for seamen, operations has now been concluded, as Maresan opens Terveyspoukama office in Turku.
– Terveyspoukama concept is as such unique in Finland now that we have been able to gather under the same roof Pikkujätti, clinic for children and adolescents, PlusTerveys, dental practice, Lääkärikeskus Aava, specialized in occupational health, and Maresan, says CEO Jarmo Iisakka.

The new office in Turku is an essential part of Maresan’s physical service network, as plenty of maritime professionals live in Turku and the surrounding areas. The operations have got off to a brisk start, when Maresan begins to produce services to both Viking Line and Langh Group also at the office in Turku. Customer care and the assessment of treatment demand start when the customer calls to the Osaava centre, from where they are referred to physical practice.
– In Terveyspoukama, we will continue with our praised customer and service experience, Iisakka continues.

Further information on the operations of Terveyspoukama www.terveyspoukama.fi


Terveyspoukama’s press release on Jan 21st, 2019

Terveyspoukama concentrates on customer experience free from stress, and it is opened in Kupittaa, Turku

On Monday 21st January, a completely new kind of cluster of healthcare services opens its doors in Kupittaa, desiring to stand out among traditional medical services with customer experience free from stress.

The practice named as Terveyspoukama unites four national healthcare operators who work together in close cooperation. Under the same roof, you’ll find Pikkujätti, clinic for children and adolescents, PlusTerveys, dental practice, Lääkärikeskus Aava, specialized in occupational health, and Maresan, medical service provider for seamen.
– The idea for Terveyspoukama was initiated when we wanted to offer the people in Turku a service provider that stands out among large chains. Medical science in Finland is up to leading world standards, but the development of customer and service experience falls behind. Our desire is to provide a stress-relieving medical visit – not the other way around, Raija Tapio, CEO of Aava says.

The objective is that the customer experience is completely a new one from the beginning to the end.
– For example, the waiting lobby is built as a lounge-style room, in which the customer is offered coffee and refreshments, Tapio says.

According to the CEO of Pikkujätti, Juha Viertola, the customer is acknowledged already at the front door.
– Children can wait for their turn in the playroom built for them. We strive to minimize the wait times with a practice that operates by appointments, he states.

All the expertise within reach

The operators offer their customers specialized expertise in their own branches. PlusTerveys Hammaslääkärit concentrates on individual and comprehensive oral treatment. Lääkärikeskus Aava is positioned as a developer of digital occupational health services.  Maresan is a strong talent in offering healthcare services for seamen, and Pikkujätti is a leading national medical practice focused on children and adolescents.
– It is very important for families with children that when the child gets ill they have the opportunity to see paediatrician quickly or when in earache, see ear specialist. The children-focused services of Pikkujätti offer this opportunity with their paediatricians and their entire healthcare personnel, Viertola continues.

In Terveyspoukama, there is a joint reception, from where the customers are referred to the specialist in question.
– We provide various medical services for the entire family. Together, we are able to take advantage of our resources in many ways and that way maintain the reasonable pricing and to provide the best possible services, Raija Tapio says.

Locality as attraction

All four operators are completely Finnish-owned. Locality is an essential part of Terveyspoukama’s identity and a significant factor in increasing attractiveness.
– As the healthcare industry changes, we see that the Finnish origin means a great deal for both our customers and our employees. Our owners are not faceless, and we pay our taxes in Finland. Locality also enables us to work on a long-term basis, as we do not aim in our operations only for maximizing the next quarter, Tapio envisions.

The objective of Terveyspoukama is to grow as a leading brand in health and wellness in Turku area.
– We want to be the place where the people living in Turku come to first when they need medical services, Tapio summarizes.

Pikkujätti and Aava will open their practise this week, Maresan and Plusterveys on the first of February. Terveyspoukama is situated in Eurocity, Joukahaisenkatu 1.

More information:

CEO Juha Viertola, Pikkujätti lasten ja nuorten lääkäriasema, Tel. 050 64222 juha.viertola@pikkujatti.fi

CEO Eila Annala, PlusTerveys Hammaslääkärit, Tel. 040 702 7750, eila.annala@plusterveys.fi

CEO Raija Tapio, Lääkärikeskus Aava, Tel. 040 543 1032, raija.tapio@aava.fi

CEO Jarmo Iisakka, Maresan Oy, Tel. 040 706 7908, jarmo.iisakka@maresan.fi


Pikkujätti lasten ja nuorten lääkäriasema Oy is a private Finnish medical centre focused on children. The first centre, Pikkujätti Tapiola, was opened in 1987 in Espoo. In Pikkujätti, almost 200 paediatricians, medical specialists and other children’s healthcare specialists have their reception. There are 7 Pikkujätti medical centres for children and adolescents, and they are located in Espoo, Helsinki (2), Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Vantaa and Turku. Now also the web-based service PikkuTsätti is serving Pikkujätti’s customers. You are able to consult paediatrician via PikkuTsätti from home or when travelling. www.pikkujatti.fi

PlusTerveys Hammaslääkärit Oy is a private oral healthcare service provider. The wide service network of PlusTerveys Hammaslääkärit covers 127 individual dental care centres in 70 cities around Finland. There are 1 000 employees in PlusTerveys Hammaslääkärit. PlusTerveys Hammaslääkärit belongs to the 100% Finnish PlusTerveys Group, which is owned by dentistry and medical professionals working within the Group.  www.plusterveys.fi/

Finnish Lääkärikeskus Aava has been promoting health and wellness for over 50 years. Our care will last through the entire lifetime. Our family-owned enterprise employs over 1 000 professionals in 14 centres and 10 cities. We develop our operations and the entire field with wisdom and care. www.aava.fi

Founded in 2017, Maresan Oy is an occupational healthcare centre specialized in marine and shipping companies. Maresan is located in Helsinki and has a physical partner network covering the entire Finland. Osaava centre is responsible for guiding the network. The objective of Maresan is to produce services for a significant part of Finnish maritime industry and to operate actively in maintaining the seamen’s ability to work. www.maresan.fi