New occupational psychologist starts working at Maresan

A new occupational and organizational psychologist,  Psy. D Pirkko-Liisa Hyttinen, has started working ar Maresan. She has 30 years of experience in occupational psychology, supervising and management tasks and management consultancy.

– We are happy to have Pirkko-Liisa on board. She has a deep insight about the meaning of management and cooperation for the action of organizations and in achieving goals. She offers Maresan important knowhow on occupational psychologist services and their development for both shipping companies and their employees, says Jarmo Iisakka, the CEO of Maresan.

The work of occupational psychologist is solution-focused. The purpose of occupational psychological services offered by Maresan is to support the customer company’s management of working ability both at organizational and individual levels. These include individual meetings and the collective recognition of working ability problems, guidance of supervisors in working ability management situations and workplace clearances for work communities in order to map out the group’s straining factors and to find solutions to decrease them.

– My job is to support the shipping companies and their employees – supervisors and employees. By recognizing the problems relating to the working ability in the early stage, we are able to avoid additional problems – and also economical losses – in the future, says Pirkko-Liisa Hyttinen, the occupational psychologist.