The Maresan Expertise Centre is an essential part of our occupational health care – a unit that serves each seafarer and shipping company individually and according to need. Through the Expertise Centre, our occupational health care professionals

  • Resolve any health issues directly by phone and can also grant short sick leaves, depending on the contract
  • Refer clients to treatment based on the working capacity profile
  • Guarantee and make sure that things get done
  • Manage the monitoring of long-term illnesses remotely

Effective and preventive care

Our goal is to take care of the overall health of shipping company staff. If the occupational health care professionals of Maresan cannot implement the necessary care plan using eMaresan and the remote service, it is time to schedule a doctor’s appointment. For this, a care plan is drawn up for the client in advance, and the client is asked to fill in the related questionnaires and monitoring information in eMaresan well before the doctor’s appointment.

The Expertise Centre gathers together our clients’ health information from the Kanta Service, the Maresan patient data register and eMaresan’s conversations and questionnaires. This information allows our experts to identify various working capacity risks in time and recommend necessary treatments or other measures preventively. The remote care provided by Maresan is useful especially for companies who have staff in places where Maresan does not have an office.

eMaresan can be easily reached

Maresan occupational health care can be effortlessly reached through eMaresan. You can access our digital service here.

eMaresan serves clients in health issues that do not require a visit to the doctor. Your occupational health care team can assess whether an appointment is needed, and many ailments can often be addressed through eMaresan. Providing care instructions online also saves time for the employee. If a doctor’s appointment is needed, the advance information saved in eMaresan also serves as a good anamnesis for the appointment.

  • The online service makes it easier to contact occupational health care and consult your company’s occupational health care team, if needed. This not only saves time, but also adds flexibility to communication.
  • All of your information is safe in eMaresan, user verification guarantees data security. Health information and important documents are saved in eMaresan.
  • If needed, you can reach the Maresan occupational health care team through the Keskustelut (Conversations) function of the online service.
  • eMaresan also provides the opportunity to have a video conversation during a remote appointment.

eMaresan guarantees that health issues are noticed in time, because your personal occupational health nurse can be easily reached. This ensures that minor concerns do not escalate into major problems. The service also enables preventive employee health care and can encourage employees to make lifestyle choices, for example. Employees can use the service to e.g. monitor sleep and exercise, and when data is shared, appointments can be planned in an even more individual way.

Extensive tools for shipping company HR

The eMaresan discussion forum makes it easier to distribute information between shipping companies and occupational health care, and messages are not lost into the depths of the inbox. Costs remain clear when the charge is based only on the time spent dealing with the occupational health care team.

Benefits for the employer

  • The e-service platform provides an extensive overall picture of staff wellbeing.
  • The service generates cost savings when health is cared for through eMaresan and remote appointments.
  • All data and statistics can be found in the same address.

Benefits for the employee

  • Reach. You can address your issue quickly in the right service and with the right person.
  • Safety. Thanks to user verification, you can discuss your issue confidentially and safely with a professional from the occupational health care team.
  • Monitoring. If you wish, you can monitor personal wellbeing at work and its development.

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