Patient ombudsman

The patient ombudsman guides and advises patients and their next of kin in matters related to patient care and treatment. The patient ombudsman also provides information about patients’ rights and advises and assists, as necessary, with drawing up reminders, complaints and accident reports, and in filing claims for compensation.

If there is anything unclear about your or your relative’s care or treatment, we recommend first bringing the matter to the attention to the doctor treating you or your relative. You can give a reminder about care or treatment directly to the chief occupational healthcare doctor. You can find the contact details via the Maresan telephone service.

Patient ombudsman Mikael Fredman
Telephone: Contact the Maresan Expertise centre, which will connect you.

The patient ombudsman does not take a stand on medical solutions, nor does he have the power to make decisions.

The website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has further information on patients’ rights, and the Patient Insurance Centre has a printable claims form.