About the company

Maresan – making the journey with seafarers

Maresan Oy was founded in 2017, but the company draws on decades of experience in seafarers’ healthcare. The joint founders of the company are the shipping company Viking Line Abp, the trade unions Suomen Merimies-Unioni SMU ry and Suomen Konepäällystyöliitto ry, Seafarers´ Pension Fund and Aino Health Management Oy. The founders’ common goal is to provide services for a significant proportion of Finnish shipping activities and to work actively for the wellbeing and healthcare of the seafarers.

Because of the demanding nature of work at sea, the risk of incapacity to work in the sector is particularly high. The purpose of Maresan’s ground-breaking work is to make occupational healthcare more effective and to prevent risk factors affecting working capacity. People working at sea say that an occupational healthcare provider that knows the specific features of the sector can respond to many needs.

Sales and Marketing: CEO Jarmo Iisakka, tel. +358 (0) 40 706 7908.